About Johannesburg Eye Hospital


The Johannesburg Eye Hospital is a dedicated ophthalmic surgical centre where a comprehensive range of ophthalmic procedures are done by our team of ophthalmic surgeons.

Surgical procedures performed at the hospital include various types of vireo-retinal procedures, cataract surgery, corneal surgery, refractive surgery / laser vision correction, corneal cross linking, glaucoma surgery, eyelid surgery, pterygium surgery, strabismus surgery and surgery for ocular trauma.

Eye consultations are done at consulting rooms in different parts of Johannesburg (please see doctors section of this site). The hospital staff is committed to provide exceptional service and care.

The hospital is situated in Beyers Naude drive in Northcliff, Johannesburg and is easily accessible from all major highways (please see map available on this site).

Adequate parking as well as security is provided. A coffee shop and Lancet laboratory is available at the hospital. Accomodation can be arranged if needed. Please contact the hospital for details.

Facilities at JHB Eye Hospital

The eye hospital has six operating theatres with state of the art ophthalmic equipment.

The hospital ward has 20 beds and 6 recliner units.  An overnight facility is available if needed.

Lancet Laboratory
Situated next to the pharmacy to assist you with all your pathology tests.

Oasis Coffee Shop:
Friends and family members can enjoy something to eat or drink.

Eye Laser Centre
Please visit the Eye Laser Centre section on this website