Prior to admission:

  • Contact your medical aid or insurance company to obtain your authorisation number.
  • Complete the hospital admission form and anaesthetist consent form
  • These forms can be faxed or emailed prior to admission, to:
    FAX: 011 – 782 1090 Email:


All patients need to please complete these forms prior to admission:

On the day of admission:

  • Present your ID document and medical aid/insurance card. Patients that are not South African citizins should bring their passports along.

What to expect from our staff:

  • We will make every effort to ensure your stay is comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

  • Our nursing staff is committed to provide exceptional personal care to our patients and they understand the concerns you might have.

  • We also appreciate how important it is to provide you with a full explanation of the process and the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Our staff is motivated, dedicated and caring due to the fact that they are able to find fulfillment in their profession